Thai Square Spa: A Restorative Space In the Heart Of Charing Cross

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Living and working in London has its many perks: the city is a vibrant fusion of restaurants, bars and pubs, meeting new people is almost guaranteed and, in the summer, it is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It also has its drawbacks, however. The mandatory use of the underground, air pollution and heavy, inner-city congestion is a daily struggle for many commuters across the city.

That is why a spa visit for those of us easily stressed out is essential to our health and wellbeing. Discover Société Editor Annabel’s rejuvenating morning at Thai Square Spa in London’s Charing Cross which featured Thai traditional treatments, ‘by reservation only’ facilities and luxury Turkish Bath interiors and explore why this award-winning spa is one of our most-loved in London.


Thai Square Spa is a five-minute walk from Charing Cross station on Northumberland Avenue, just one street away from iconic London landmarks such as the Cenotaph, Downing Street and London Bridge.

Northumberland Avenue is a pretty street and, despite its proximity to popular tourists spots, a relatively quiet one. Aside from a great location, the spa is next door to The Sherlock Holmes Pub which has a complete recreation of Mr Holmes and Dr Watson’s study on the second floor.

An ice-cold glass of wine after a day at the spa? I wouldn’t say no.


The Spa Concept


I stepped off the bustling street of Northumberland Avenue in London and straight into a haven of sensorial bliss. There was exotic music playing in the background and the smell of car engines was instantaneously replaced by the soft scent of Jasmine.

I have been to a myriad of different spas in the South East but Thai Square Spa was the first that had an unlikely combination of Thai, Roman, Scandinavian and Turkish influences.

A Turkish bath in its previous illustrious life, the spa features a rich tapestry of Eastern-inspired decor where Thai silk, traditional wood carvings, gold murals and monastic Buddhist bells, hang majestically on the walls.

An eclectic mix of Scandinavian-style ice fountains, statues of seated Buddahs and Himalayan Salt Baths gave me the opportunity to enjoy the best of each culture.

On the ground floor is the reception area, changing rooms and showers, while on the lower ground floor, the spa stretches out to encompass five massage treatment rooms, six ritual massage rooms and one vast VIP suite treatment room with a private relaxation space.


The Facilities


I so often find myself in beautiful spas that are unique in their offering, providing cool spaces in which to have a treatment, de-stress and spend time with a partner or friend.

What is a rarity is when I visit a spa so exclusive you have to reserve their Sen Space - the steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and ice fountain - ahead of your trip should you want to use the facilities.

Initially, this need to book the space that is complimentary with any treatment in almost every spa across London surprised me. But it was only after I had had my facial and made my way to the facilities area and spent an hour, completely alone, that I was able to truly appreciate the exclusive nature of the spa.

Thai Square Spa pride themselves on their rich therapeutic heritage and this is evident in every aspect of the spa: ahead of their own need of footfall into the spa, they prioritize their guest’s desire for deep restorative seclusion.

I spend so many hours on the underground, whizzing from station to station, on trains moving from city to city for the magazine and constantly surrounded by people, that having this time to be entirely alone is so much more magical than I had expected.

I cannot recommend booking the Sen Space enough, be it for yourself, your friends or you and your partner.


The Treatments & Products


Dermatologically, I have been lucky for most of my life: my skin has a few breakouts every now and then but nothing I cannot manage to cover up with my Dior 24h Coverage Foundation. After my move to The City, however, my skin is wreaking havoc with my makeup routine and lately it has been looking dull and feeling dry in patches - a product of the change in air pollution in London, I am certain.

I did a bit of research on the effects air pollution has on the skin as I hadn’t factored it into my skincare routine and found that a combination of smog and particle matter are the main culprits.

These pollutants come from everything from car exhausts to metal smelting to smoking, industrial gasses, and regular old dust, releasing harmful chemicals into the environment (think carbon dioxide, PAHs, sulfur, and dioxide) and then into your skin.

Add a metropolitan city like London into the equation and you’ve got a pretty damaging end result.

Therefore, selecting which facial to go for was a no-brainer and this review could not have come at a better time. New to Thai Square Spa’s repertoire of skincare treatments is the Thai Lotus Defence Facial, introduced due to popular demand from the spa’s clients living in The City wanting to limit the damage of air pollution and hydrate their skin at the same time.

Among the exotic ingredients in the facial is an actual lotus flower, a symbol of purity in Thailand, beautifully scented hydrating crèmes, pore-tightening toners and concluding with a luxurious skin rejuvenating serum.

A week on and my skin looks great: pores are minimalized, hydration has evened out and it has taken on it’s own natural glow.

A coincidence? I doubt it.

My tip for a day out at the spa would be to book an hour in the Sen Space and to sample the aromatic traditional Bael Fruit Tea (มะตูม in Thai) best known for promoting and maintaining a healthy digestive system which is served while you wait for your treatment.


The treatment and facilities in this review were gifted by Thai Square Spa in exchange for an honest and open review of the facilities and treatments available. The new Thai Lotus Defence Facial is £85 for one hour and the Sen Space is £40 per hour (£30 when booked alongside a treatment) to reserve for exclusive use.

Thai Square Spa

25 Northumberland Ave

Charing Cross

London WC2N 5AP

020 7839 7990

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