Review: The TRUTH Behind Skincare Products Vs. Skin Treatments

Image: David Slijperp

Image: David Slijperp

By Annabel Rooney

It all started when I was about 14 years old.

I was in year nine, still in the throes of puberty and my self esteem was nothing much to write home about.

It was during this crucial stage of slowly transitioning into an adult that my skin was breaking out frequently and my skincare regimen consisted of a pair of flimsy tweezers and a bar of soap. My fingers were in charge of the pimple-popping.

It’s during this time though that my skin was at its most vulnerable. I picked, squeezed and scratched it, the scars of which today lie bare on my skin for all to see.

I wish I had a time machine.

I’d return to 2003, slap my 14-year-old self and forbid all types of unnatural enhancements, in any shape or form. No skin picking, no hair extensions and no false nails.

Over the past ten years I have developed my skincare regime by testing as many products as I can, from Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum to Clinique’s Moisture Surge and Lancome’s Renergie Multi-Glow Cream, all rendering relatively average results.

As I now creep into my 30’s, however, anti-aging, pigmentation and anti-wrinkle creams are playing a much bigger part in my quest to maintaining healthy skin.

Recently, I came across Ben Fuchs, a pharmacist, nutritionist, cosmetic chemist and, in his own words, a “voracious researcher”, whose new skin formulation, Truth Treatment Systems™, just launched in the UK and is stocked by Medifine Aesthetics in Leeds.

The intensive treatment system Ben has meticulously researched and developed has a major selling point - it contains none of the fillers commonly found in popular skincare products such as water, preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers, oils and fragrances.


Truth Treatment Systems™ is a potent collection of healing creams, transdermal serums and exfoliators which contain an aray of natural ingredients such as Retinol, a form of Vitamin A that provides topical nourishment for the skin and enhances the skin’s collagen production.

Truth Treatment Systems  serum

I set aside three weeks to test Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph. Truth Treatment Systems™ and the results have been phenomenal.

At first, I received my samples of each product and was a bit overwhelmed by how much I had and the instructions on how to use each individual product to its maximum effect. A few very informative videos later, and I was ready to apply, test and discover Truth Treatment Systems™.

The most compelling aspect of the treatment system for me is in the name. Ben makes it very clear that his formulation is not skincare but skin treatment. But what’s the difference?

The skincare industry is big business. According to a recent study by industry analysts, Technavio, the global skin care market will generate a revenue of more than $137 billion by 2021. But it’s the so called ‘fillers’ in the big brand names’ products that dilute the real active ingredients that do all the hard work.

Through an in depth knowledge and understanding of the biochemistry of the skin and as a result of 32 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Ben Fuchs has formulated a collection of products with no fillers and ones which markedly improve the skin’s texture, appearance and youth within days of consistent application.

I had dull, lightly pigmented skin just below my eyes and my pores were really noticeable. Three weeks later and my skin looks healthier, brighter and my pores have reduced, drastically improving the overall appearance of my skin.

You can find a really helpful, in-depth tutorial by Ben Fuchs himself below.


Discover Truth Treatment Systems™ below:



From $39.00 - $199.00

Formulated with an extremely high dose of lipophilic Vitamin C, the transdermal serum boosts the production of natural moisture factors at cellular level and helps to reverse signs of aging. It penetrates deep into the dermis to rapidly stimulate hydration and heal dry, chafed or irritated skin. Premium fat-soluble Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory plant extracts and nutrients help repair damaged skin, fade dark spots, improve skin firmness and even skin tone.

Ideal for: All skin types




Rich, intensely moisturizing balm drenches skin with premium, lipophilic Vitamin C in a sustained, time-released formula. Truth Treatments Transdermal Delivery Matrix™ allows premium, lipophilic Vitamin C to effectively penetrate and work at the cellular level to reverse skin damage and discoloration. Formulated to moisturize and soothe while reversing skin damage and discoloration. Transdermal C Balm helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, promote healthy tissue and collagen production, and restore a firmer, more radiant complexion. Even the most damaged and sensitive skin will show visible change.

Ideal for: Dry, sensitive skin types




From $19.00 - $39.00

Biomimetic Priming Mist is a 100% active hydrating mist that contains a potent fulvic mineral solution for proven anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant effects. This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves. When used with other Truth Treatments, Truth Biomimetic Priming Mist facilitates application and improves the efficacy and cellular absorption of vitamins C, Retinol and other active ingredients in Truth Treatments.

Ideal for: All skin types




From $69.00 - $129.00

Regenerate your skin’s own healing abilities and speed recovery from severe dryness and skin damage with this multi-action, soothing, moisturizing cream. Originally designed to heal surgical wounds and burns, Omega 6 Healing Cream is a rich hydrator and restores skin tissue using 100% active and functional ingredients. Premium lipophilic Vitamin C and Omega 6 fats work synergistically to soften and improve skin elasticity, balance, and function. Refines texture, helps smooth scars, lines, and wrinkles.

Ideal for: Chapped, chaffed, irritated skin, post-procedure skin, wound and burn repair





Energize and stimulate skin with this low pH, resurfacing exfoliant made with Fruit Acids and Polyelectrolytes to provide cellular energy. Effectively removes pore-clogging impurities and dead skin cells. Helps fade dark spots and reveal brighter, firmer skin, with improved texture and tone. Helps prep skin for Truth Treatment Systems™ products.

Ideal for: All Skin Types




From $79.00 - $139.00

A weekly skin refining treatment that corrects damage showing as aging, uneven skin tone, discoloration, and blemishes.

This safe yet intensive skin refiner provides skin with the proven skin-regenerating benefits of retinol in an effective, non-irritating formula.

Resurfacing 1% Retinol Light’s potent blend of healing Vitamin C and exfoliating Vitamin A regenerate skin, shedding dead and dulling skin cells to fade discoloration, smooth lines and refine scars.

Ideal For: All skin types, including sensitive skin, concerned with aging, lines/wrinkles, discoloration, and blemished skin.

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