Skincare made from pure liquid silk has launched in the UK




A new range of beauty products containing pure silk has launched at Harrods.

Silk Therapeutics, a company based in Boston, was founded by Dr Gregory Altman and Dr. Rebecca Lacouture and its products mark the first foray into cosmetic silk.

Made from silkworm cocoons, which are typically used for fabric, the protein from the discarded cocoons is used to create liquid silk- the products are both luxurious and ethical. The products are rich with cosmetic benefits; talking to Business of Fashion, Lacouture says: “Collagen and silk are skin’s good friends. Silk is a protein material, which is biocompatible and can help the skin become firmer and look firmer in a way that it binds the collagen within your skin.”


The products in their range contain just 12 ingredients, compared to other skincare creams that can contain as many as 50 ingredients.

Currently the products are available exclusively at Harrods with price points starting at £47.81 for a cleanser. For a limited time only, people will also be able to book in for a heavenly ‘liquid silk’ facial.

Yes please!

Annabel RooneyComment