Thinking Outside The Bottle; Jo Malone Debut's Her Brands New Perfume Gel

Her name is synonymous with iconic scents such as Lime Basil and Mandarin, Pomegranate and English Pear and Freesia, but now Jo Malone is carving her way on a new path with her innovative fragrance company, Jo Loves. In her own words, Malone is an “English scent maverick” and self-made businesswoman.

Founded in 2011, the British brand includes perfumes and ancillary products such as scented candles and aromatic body moisturizers, 12 eau de toilette scents and other items in limited distribution.

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Jo Loves bottles are sleek and simple with unisex appeal; deliberately direct fragrance names such as, in the case of Jo Loves, Fresh Sweet Peas and Smoked Plum & Leather; and scents that are straightforward but often unexpected, with a quirky combination of notes that buck the trend.

JO Loves perfume

The most innovative amongst the offering is the all new Jo Loves’ A Fragrance Paintbrush.

According to Malone, she started using a paintbrush as part of the brands ‘fragrance tapas’ experience and was inspired to change how consumers applied scent. 

Boasting a new gel formula, which took three years to develop, the brush helps evenly spread the clear gel over skin, allowing it to sink in and dry in seconds. The best part? It’s small enough to take travelling, without the need to decant into a smaller bottle or worry about any spillages in transit.

jo loves fragrance gel

Jo Loves’ hero Pomelo scent is light, citrusy and fresh thanks to the Green Orange & Coriander, meaning it works just as well for night and day.

On the future of the fragrance industry, Malone tells Harper’s Bazaar “Fragrance will be about customising so people can become their own perfumer. Millennials want to create and are demanding creativity in their products – whether that’s a pair of Nike trainers, their phone, or their fragrance – they want things to be part of their creative process. I think that’s where we will see an explosion of creativity in the beauty industry.”

Jo Loves’ A Fragrance Paintbrush retails at £40 and can purchased at her beautiful store on 42 Elizabeth Street, London or online at

42 Elizabeth Street, London

42 Elizabeth Street, London

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