Is Dior's 24h Cover Foundation Worth The Pricetag?

Dior has just unveiled it's Diorskin Forever Undercover24h* Full Coverage Fluid Foundation in a variety of shades in a bid to compete with brands such as Nars and Rihanna's namesake brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. 

For years women from a myriad of ethnic backgrounds have tried, tested and failed to find a foundation that truly matches their skin colour. But with the recent growth in popularity through social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook, the beauty industry is now a hotbed of competing brands.

Our editor Annabel put Dior's newest addition to it's makeup range Diorskin Forever Undercover24h* Full Coverage Fluid Foundation under the microscope:

I have always had dry skin. Always. 

This is both a blessing and a curse as I don't have an acne problem but I do frequently make a mad dash for the bathroom to touch up my dry and flaky foundation on many a day out. If you can name a foundation, I've tried it. 

MakeUp Forever's Ultra HD? Next-to-nothing coverage. Clinique's Beyond Perfecting foundation? Cakey and drying. Kat Von D's Tattoo Lock-It foundation? No staying power.


Alas, I've tried them all. But along came Dior. 

I'm always quite sceptical when it comes to Dior as they usually like to stay away from full coverage foundations, opting rather for lighter, more light-reflecting 'serums'. And so I approach with trepidation. 

Let's start with the application.

The amount of fluid required for a full application is an integral part of the selection process for me when it comes to buying a great foundation. I find it's always best to work with a brush applicator rather than a sponge as the latter absorbs a lot of product and so I prefer a little to go a long way. I found using a small amount dispensed onto my damp brush provided good coverage, but I did need to touch up a few area that needed a second layer.

Oxidization of foundations is also a concern of mine. For those who are in dark about the meaning of this, let me explain. Does your foundation change colour two to three hours after it has been applied? Oxidization is a chemical reaction which occurs once it comes into contact with the oxygen in your skin based on the way the oils and pigments react with it. 

The skin's natural oils, acidity level and the humidity in the air can all slowly turn your foundation darker.

So, when selecting your curated colour, always take into consideration its oxidation factor. A simple inquiry with a brands sales consultant can help you on your way. Alternatively, have a read here on how to prevent it.

Diorskin Forever Undercover24h* Full Coverage Fluid Foundation available at House of Fraser, £34.

Back to Dior's oxidization factor; I found it did start to change over the course of the day but only a shade darker, which is saying a lot compared to the way M.A.C changes on my skin.

Lastly, let's talk about staying power. 

I have an active lifestyle, constantly on the go at work, in meetings, having lunch out and attending events and I find Diorskin Forever Undercover does go the distance. Maybe not 24 hours (I put it to the test, big time), but it lasts for a good 8-10 hours. 

My final verdict? I'd say it was definitely worth the £34 retail price. Coverage is smooth, a little goes a long way and it lasts for most of the day. Just watch out for oxidization, ladies!