10 Vegan Instagram Feeds You Need To Be Following


Instagram is a great source for vegans old and new to explore their options when it comes to baking. Veganism has seen a surge in popularity with the rise of anti-meat and dairy documentaries such as 'Cowspiracy' and 'Forks Over Knives'.  So, be it meal inspirations, recipe ideas, or connecting with a like-minded community, the photo-sharing app is a sanctuary for all things vegan. We've picked our top 10 favourite accounts to follow for colourful, healthy vegan options- because going vegan involves eating so much more than just salads. 


Anett Velsberg-Tiedemann

We love Anette's profile for the colourful array of food and drinks she prepares as well as her stunning photography. 

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'Healthy thoughts, healthy food, healthy you' is Sassi's motto. Her savoury recipes have caught the vegan-ite fan bases eye for a few years now and after having amassed almost 100k fans, she's a firm favourite on the social vegan scene.

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Emerson Cooks

Emerson McMaster

The youngest vegan on our list is 19-year-old Aussie Emerson McMaster. He's been a food blogger for three years creating beautifully handcrafted desserts such as non-dairy ice-creams, almond nut balls and mini blueberry cheesecakes. Yum!

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Oatmeal Stories' Instagram feed demonstrates just how easy it is to make wholesome, delicious smoothies. To quote avid foodie and photographer Magda, "I wanna show you it's totally possible to eat fun, satisfying and healthy meals using only wholesome ingredients, without giving up on the taste you love!"

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Bo Porterfield

Bo's Instagram feed is full of aerial view images of her home made recipes, including fruit biscuits, chocolate pineapple sticks and cherry glazed doughnuts. All vegan recipes, Bo's unique style and photography makes her one of our favourite vegan foodie bloggers. 

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The Rainbow Eatery



Born and bred in Germany, Denise's passion for all things vegan is channelled through her illustrious social page. She often posts no-bake recipes, making this account a go-to if you're strapped for time and looking to whip up an impressive yet healthy meal for yourself or family. 


Dana Shultz

The most popular vegan Instagram page on our list with more than a million followers, the mastermind behind Minimalist Baker's Dana Shultz is a published author, photographer, content creator and recipe developer. In her own words, Dana's talent lies in "...sharing plant-based recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. All eaters are welcome."

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'Manda (as she's affectionately known) has been a veggie blogger for four years now after having set up her feed to document her 360 lifestyle change. She makes tantalising pizzas, sushi burgers and veggie plates for sharing. All the more to tempt us with!

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The journey to blogging about and creating vegan recipes was not a straight forward one for Nisha. After years of being unhappy at her law firm, she upped and left, kickstarting her blogging career. When she's not travelling around the world, she's preparing multi-coloured yoghurt bowls, rich chocolate cakes and coconut-sprinkled cupcakes. Happy scrolling!

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Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy at So Beautifully Real is one of the most creative bloggers on our list. Intricate detail is the name of her game when it comes to decorating her cakes. The published author evokes images of decadence when scrolling though her sublime feed but something tells us trying to recreate these vegan masterpieces wont be as easy as she makes it look.

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